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Am I an alcoholic? teaches about alcoholic symptoms, alcohol dependence, and what to do if you have an alcohol problem. Learn strategies to stop drinking, the health effects of alcohol abuse, and signs of alcoholism from people with alcoholism. Get help and learn how to stop drinking, about benzodiazepines and drugs for alcohol withdrawal from our channel on substance abuse recovery. We provide alcohol detoxification strategies, alcohol use disorder treatment overviews, and other free resources to help you quit drinking and overcome alcoholism. Live a sober lifestyle without AA Alcoholics Anonymous.

The 5 Methods of Mindfulness

The 5 Methods of Mindfulness It’s a recognition of our presence, and the stream of sensations in the moment, consisting of emotions and thoughts and outside stimulations. By GABRIELLE KEEN Method #1: Relaxed understanding. What is this unwinded understanding? As opposed to constant disturbance, or concentrated focus, relaxed knowledge is a soft consciousness of our …

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